Thirty years ago our head lawyer, Roberto Ferraz, began his professional career, having founded the office two years later, in 1984. Since then we have been providing legal advice and working in judicial matters concerning corporate activity  The areas of practice in which we are particularly well-regarded are:

  Our firm is made up of a group of lawyers with thorough identity, objectives and ethical criteria of practice. Strategically located, our headquarters in Curitiba(PR), São Paulo(SP), Brasilia(DF), Joinville(SC), Porto Alegre(RS) and Campinas(SP) enable us to work closely with our client. Also, the proximity with administrative authorities and courts, always in compliance with anti-corruption, has guaranteed the quality of our service as well as that of its results, for which we are renowned. Thanks to our acquaintance and savoir-faire we have successfully implemented new businesses in Brasil, besides ensuring that their activities remain operational through counseling. Our English, German, French, Italian and Spanish desks have made multinationals at home. We will do our best in addressing your issues, working on specifically-tailored advice and assistance for your business.  

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